BrainsBreaker: Computer Jigsaw Puzzles, Lots of Fun!

jigsaw puzzles

with your own photos or use prebuilt ones.
At home, comfortably and safely, all the real jigsaw experience and with more advantatges!
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A Jigsaw Puzzle Sample
View a Jigsaw Puzzle in progress
PhotoChances Explorer - On the fly stunning image effects to your photos!
PhotoChances LAB, a large collection of

photo effects and filters

, with a random effect generator button.
Discover and enjoy the art latent in your digital photos
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View a collection of images processed by the program
PhotoEchoes Kaleidoscope and screensaver - View your photos as you would never imagine!


based on your digital photos.
It can run stand-alone or as a screensaver, will produce awesome images and videos!
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View a gallery of patterns & backgrounds created with the program