BrainsBreaker Jigsaw Puzzles

Enjoy the experience of doing jigsaw puzzles comfortably and safely on your computer with the best jigsaw puzzle program. BrainsBreaker comes with many features to make you feel like doing a real cardboard jigsaw puzzle and even with more advantages.
Try the free evaluation with no compromise and no hassles and discover why so many people delight in doing the puzzles.

* For Mac and Windows computers *

PhotoEchoes Digital Kaleidoscope

PhotoEchoes is an animated kaleidoscope based on your digital photos stored on your computer. It can run stand-alone or as a screensaver and will produce awesome images and videos that you can capture for any use.
See some captures.

* For Windows computers *

PhotoChances Image Effects

Image processing effects and filters to your digital photographs at the touch of a button. Enjoy the art latent in your digital photos, rediscovering all the possibilities latent in your images. Fun, inspiring and useful. Use the Random image finder to re-discover old images with a new view.
See some images with effects from PhotoChances.

* For Windows computers *

Kaleidance Animated Kaleidoscope,
amazing on your Android TV

An animated Kaleidoscope generated from random, colorful and unique images created on the fly. It is an ideal app for listening music, chill out or simply as an inspiring never ending source of beautiful images. Especially suitable as dynamic art on your TV set (works with Android TV).

* For Android and Android TV *

Download Kaleidance on Google Play

CamEco Kaleidoscope Camera

Your tablet or phone is a real-time kaleidoscope. It uses the input from your phone/tablet camera. Take amazing and unique snapshots of your environment and surprise everyone with the creative results.

* For Android *

Download CamEco on Google Play

PhotoEchoes Portable Kaleidoscope

PhotoEchoes is also available on phones/tablets (Android). You will have endless animated variations of the images stored on your device.

* For Android *

Download PhotoEchoes on Google Play